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Borrowing with a study debt

When taking out a loan, the lender makes a calculation of whether the loan can be provided in a responsible manner. This calculation is made based on the income and expenses that the consumer has. The income includes the income from an employer or from independent entrepreneurship and the expenses include housing costs and any charges for other current obligations. The student debt also falls under current obligations.

The lender must calculate 0.75% of the original study debt as a fixed charge for the repayment of the study debt, thereby reducing the maximum amount that can be borrowed for a personal loan or revolving credit. It is therefore possible to borrow with a study debt, this is just neatly taken into account.

Take out a mortgage with a study debt

Take out a mortgage with a study debt

You are planning to buy a house, but do you still have a student loan that you built up when you were still studying? This has consequences for the calculation of your maximum mortgage, as 0.75% of the study debt is charged as a monthly obligation for this study debt.

The result is that your maximum mortgage will be lower. However, your study debt does not have to be an obstacle if you want to take out a mortgage that is lower than the maximum mortgage that you can get from a mortgage provider. To make an accurate calculation for a new mortgage you can visit our partner website Good finance. Here you can compare the mortgage rates of all mortgage providers and make an appointment with a mortgage adviser without obligation.

This mortgage adviser can calculate the financial impact of your study debt on the mortgage that you want to take out.

Study debt and the BCR

Study debt and the BCR

A student loan is owed at the DUO, they pay the student grant monthly when they study. At the end of the study you have accrued a certain study debt that must be repaid over a period. This reimbursement depends on the income that you will receive after your student days. Lenders are required to report loans that they provide to consumers to the Credit Registration Office.

A student loan is an exception to this, it is not registered with the BCR. The reason why this loan has not been registered with the BCR is because the BCR does not see the student loan as a loan used for consumer purposes but for a study.

When applying for a loan or mortgage, you will have to indicate that you still have a current obligation to DUO, then the lender can take this monthly obligation into account.